Linear actuators

Linear actuators supply - ECT series

Elfor Controls ECT SERIES LINEAR ACTUATORS are characterized by their engineering design and efficient modular assembly. The modules are designed for simple disassembly which allows the actuator to be quickly and easily converted from a double acting to a single acting configuration, or for the addition of optional devices such as a manual override units.

Elfor Controls actuators are a range of pneumatic actuators design to drive valves for Chemical / Paper / Power and Oil &
Gas applications. Our long and profound experience allows us to supply products suitable for use in the most arduous of

  • Suitable for modulating and on / off applications
  • Sizes available from DN 200 to 850 mm (others available upon request)
  • Max Thrust 283Kn AT 5 kPa (others available upon request)
  • Strokes available from 10 to 1000mm (alternatives available upon request)
  • Double or single acting actuator with or without spring
  • Single / Double / Triple piston configurations also available by application
  • Carbon steel body
  • Stainless steel available for special requirements
  • Suitable for use in Chemical / Paper / Power and Oil & Gas applications
  • Carbon steel piston with PTFE / rubber seals to reduce friction and avoid stick slip effect, even after prolonged periods
  • without operation
  • External spring package with no touch safety assembly execution
  • Actuator can be supplied with Hand-wheel-type manual override on request

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linear actuator
1. PISTON GUIDE O-RING:installed in the appropriate housing seat in order to be compressed during assembly of the two parts, creating a sealing gasket. It is low friction and permanently lubricated, an ideal solution during modulating control.

2. O-RING ON PISTON AND LOCKING FERRULE: a static seal to prevent leakage / bypass in the pressure cylinder.

3. EXTERNAL TIE ROD: for pressure cylinder, with eye bolts to lift actuator.

4. O-RING ON CYLINDER HEAD: for static sealing.

5. SELF-LUBRICATING SINTERED BRONZE BUSH AND CHROME BAR STEM allows high levels of performance, high operating speed and component wear resistance. An O-ring is fixed on the cylinder prevent working fluid’s leakage.

6.  CYLINDER is machined to the highest tolerances and has a lapped finish in order to guarantee the piston O-ring sealing and a fluid motion. Surface finish treatment allows protection against aggressive corrosion. (All Actuators are certified to work with air or natural gas).
7. WELDED SPRING PACKAGE is maintenance free. Solutions include single or multiple coaxial springs based on thrust and stroke requirements.

8. MANUAL OVERRIDE SYSTEM to enable the movement of the single / double acting actuator in case of loss of operating medium.

9. DOUBLE ACTING - SINGLE ACTING models available.

10. SINGLE / DOUBLE / TRIPLE PISTON CONFIGURATION piston configurations available.

11. AVAILABLE STROKE from 10 to 1000mm (alternatives available upon request).

12. MANUAL OVERRIDE HANDWHEEL with low resistance

Standard and certifications

Elfor Controls actuators are designed to meet SIL 3 as a “single device”. Elfor Controls offers SIL features according to the IEC61508 and IEC61511 standards. Elfor Controls EC series pneumatic actuators are certified SIL 3 without partial stroke system and SIL 3 with periodic proof testing system.
  • PED 2014/68/EU
  • ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • EAC TR TS 012/2011
  • IP66/67M according to IEC/EN 60529
  • SIL3 certified (EC61508 and IEC61511) as a “single device”
  • Designed and tested in accordance with EN 15714-3
  • Further certifications are available, please contact Elfor Controls for updated list.

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